Wayfor’s Small Changes Bring Big Results

As of May 2024, Wayfor has helped put seven new EV taxis on the streets of Boston thanks to the ACT4ALL grant, funded by MassCEC (www.masscec.com). Each Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) taxi has been replaced by a Tesla Model Y, the preferred vehicle of all Wayfor participants.

As of April 30, 2024, more than 7,500 trips have been made by the 7 EV taxis, traveling a total distance of over 50,000 miles with passengers onboard. Taking into account the standard emissions used to produce the EV taxis, the electricity, and the zero tailpipe emissions produced during operation, an estimated 14,000Kg of CO2 emissions has been saved when compared with the emissions of the ICE taxis that were replaced. This is equivalent to planting roughly 600 trees in the city of Boston!

These impressive savings are achieved by a very small fleet of EV taxis, accounting for less than 1% of the total taxi fleet operating in Boston. We have calculated that in a year of operation, each EV taxi would contribute to reducing CO2 emission by an amount equivalent to planting 165 trees. If all taxis in Boston were to be replaced by EV, the saved CO2 emissions would total up to the equivalent of planting over 198,000 trees in Boston, more than quadrupling the city’s current total of about 40,000 public trees!