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Driving Toward a Greener Boston

Tesla Taxis Impact on CO2 Emissions Reduction

When Wayfor received funding from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center through an Accelerating Clean Transportation for All (ACT4All) grant, our goal was to accurately estimate how the electrification of taxis can help with reducing CO2 emissions for the City of Boston. To achieve this, we started the taxi electrification pilot program to reduce CO2 emissions in the Boston Metro Region and collaborated with technology partners Waave and Data Drive.

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Separating Fact from Fiction

Exploring 7 Myths About Electric Vehicles

Explore the truth about electric vehicles with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s informative webpage on Electric Vehicle Myths. This guide dispels common misconceptions surrounding EVs to help users make informed decisions about switching from gas to electric. From range anxiety to charging infrastructure, the EPA addresses key concerns, offering valuable information that promotes a clearer understanding of the benefits and realities of electric vehicles. 
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“The best thing about my EV taxi is not having to pay for gas.
I love it!”

Dimitrios Grigoriadis,
Aravissos Taxi, Inc.

EV Maintenance 101

Your Quick Guide To A Reliable Ride

Discover the ins and outs of maintaining electric vehicles with the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s (AFDC) guide on Electric Vehicle Maintenance. Learn the secrets behind keeping your electric ride ready and on the road, this user-friendly resource covers everything from battery care to routine check-ups. AFDC’s expert insights empower EV owners to navigate the EV car care with confidence, making the switch to electric not just eco-friendly but also hassle-free. Whether you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast or a newcomer, AFDC’s guide is your go-to companion for a Learn More

Money Saving Resources

For EV Buyers