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One of the deciding factors for a passenger on whether to call a taxi or use rideshare can be cost.

Taxi fare estimator appEven though getting a taxi is usually faster and the cost will be comparable or lower for some destinations, taxis are at a disadvantage because rideshare offers upfront fares and taxi fares are unknown until arrival at the destination. To overcome this obstacle, Wayfor has partnered with the CMT Group by using to provide potential passengers with an app that estimates their taxi trip fare.

The app uses smart technology to account for flat rate fares as well as traffic conditions for metered fares in the greater Boston area.


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Wayfor’s Small Changes Bring Big Results

As of May 2024, Wayfor has helped put seven new EV taxis on the streets of Boston thanks to the ACT4ALL grant, funded by MassCEC. Each Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) taxi has been replaced by a Tesla Model Y, the preferred vehicle of all Wayfor participants.

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“My Tesla Y is the best car to drive,
and I get a lot of compliments from my passengers​”

Dimitrios Grigoriadis,
Aravissos Taxi, Inc.

Drivers: EV Grant Program Application Open

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EV Taxis Global Popularity

The global electric vehicle (EV) taxi market is projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 12% from 2024 to 2029, driven by increasing demand for EVs, government initiatives, and lower operating costs compared to conventional vehicles. The Asia-Pacific region currently leads the market, with significant contributions from China and India. Key contributors include Ola, Connexxion, and Blue Smart Mobility, among others. The newer market currently faces challenges such as battery life and range limitations, but ongoing infrastructure investments to support this group are expected to reduce these issues.

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