Electric Vehicle
Grant Program

Save Money. Go Electric!

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Wayfor are piloting a grant program in Greater Boston to help taxi drivers switch to Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

Apply for a grant to be one of the first taxi operators in Boston to drive an EV Taxi.

There are a limited number of grants available.  Don’t Delay!

What the grant means to you!

  • Significantly lower your maintenance and operating costs
  • Drive with the newest taxi technology
  • Attract enthusiastic riders who prefer environmentally friendly transportation

Incentives of the EV Grant Program

  • A grant to lower the cost of purchasing an EV with new taxi technology
  • 50% savings on airport trip fees
  • Skip the line at the airport taxi pool
  • FREE airport vehicle charging
  • Tips and ideas for how to maximize your fares with an EV Taxi

We are here to help!  Contact us at info@way.org with any questions you have about applying for the grant.

Save BIG – Drive EV

2-year savings – Electric Vehicle compared to a Toyota Camry Hybrid
50,000mi/yr, 280 work days

Skip the airport line (4 x per day)
+ unlimited free EV charging
+ unlimited 50% off Taxi Pool Fee
and up
Fuel savings
Maintenance (Oil change 10,000 mi)
Taxi Technology Package
and up
Additional Incentives:
MassCEC EV purchase incentive
EV Tax Credit
up to $7,500
MOR-EV Rebate
up to $3,500
Home charger
up to $1,000
up to $22,000

TOTAL up to $121,400

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really free money?

Yes – you will receive grant money that is paid directly to a dealership to secure your purchase of an EV

Does the grant cover the total cost of an EV?

No.  But it will provide significant financial help.

If I fill out the application and I am accepted, am I obligated to continue with the program?

No.  You may back out any time as long as you have not accepted your grant.

Do you offer financing for the part of the cost not covered by the grant?
No. But you are welcome to use your preferred banking institution.
Don’t EV’s run out of charge?
They can – but there are many charging stations in Boston. Most drivers arrange their charging time around break time.
Will I need to buy gas?
NO! These vehicles do not use any gas for power.
How will I know about incentives?
That’s where Wayfor comes in! When you are in the program we feed you all the information you need to get the most out of the program.

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