Driving Toward a Greener Boston

Tesla Taxis Impact on CO2 Emissions Reduction

When Wayfor received funding from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center through an Accelerating Clean Transportation for All (ACT4All) grant, our goal was to accurately estimate how the electrification of taxis can help with reducing CO2 emissions for the City of Boston. To achieve this, we started the taxi electrification pilot program to reduce CO2 emissions in the Boston Metro Region and collaborated with technology partners Waave and Data Drive.

We began by gathering baseline data about our pilot driver’s usage of their current gasoline powered, also known as an Internal Combustion Engine (or ICE), taxi and information about the vehicle to estimate the car’s total carbon emissions. This included CO2 produced during the production cycle and maintenance of the vehicle as well as emissions during its daily usage.*

The new electric vehicle (EV) taxis facilitated by Wayfor were also upgraded with Waave taxi meter technology to allow for accurate trip data tracking which was paired with the integrated Data Drive emissions estimation software that enabled the car to send and receive data. This data is reported on the backseat displays to share the emissions savings with the passengers and is also stored for future vehicle and fleet-based CO2 emissions analysis. The data collected is used to estimate the length of passenger trips made by the EV taxis and then compared against the emissions the driver’s original ICE vehicle would create for the same trip, calculating the emission savings through the taxi’s EV upgrade.

The first Wayfor sponsored EV taxi hit the road on July 7, 2023 and there are currently 5 vehicles active in the pilot. So far, these taxis have helped reduce over 3,000 kg of CO2 – over 12kg (25lbs) of CO2 saved each day an EV taxi is operational. To put this into more practical terms, this small fleet of cars have already contributed to reducing the emissions equivalent to planting over 138 trees in the Boston area.**

Locations most benefited by the CO2 reductions around the City of Boston

With the efforts of Wayfor and the help from the ACT4All grant, 5 more taxis will be added to the fleet in the near future to further Greenovate Boston’s initiative to become carbon neutral by the year 2050.

*Calculated with data from the Department of Energy (https://fueleconomy.gov/).
** CO2 emission saving data 7/7/23 to 10/8/23

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