One of the deciding factors for a passenger on whether to call a taxi or use rideshare can be cost.  Even though getting a taxi is usually faster and the cost will be comparable or lower for some destinations, taxis are at a disadvantage because rideshare offers upfront fares and taxi fares are unknown until arrival at the destination.  To overcome this obstacle, Wayfor has partnered with the CMT Group by using  to provide potential passengers with an app that estimates their taxi trip fare.

The app runs on laptop, tablet or mobile phone and lets users choose from a set of pickup locations and then enter their destination.  Their estimated fare details along with instructions for how to locate a taxi are provided instantly! The app can be accessed at

The app uses smart technology to account for flat rate fares as well as traffic conditions for metered fares in the greater Boston area.


The advertising campaign for is underway and includes floor graphics outside of the gates at Logan Airport, digital screen graphics adjacent to baggage claim, and signs at taxi stands near hotels and points of interest around Boston.  We have also created window decals and cards to hand out to passengers.  These are available for free on request for Wayfor members.

Although the app has only been live for a few weeks, we are already seeing extensive usage and we are excited about the potential for this tool to raise awareness and increase ridership for Boston taxi drivers.

Contact us to order a decal or cards for your taxi.