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Our mission is to foster a more competitive and innovative environment for the Massachusetts’ Taxi Industry to create greater profitability for the drivers and exceptional experience for riders.
We are guided by a diverse coalition that includes taxi drivers and owners, as well as experts in urban planning, climate change, and information technology. We believe that our collaborative approach best positions us to identify and promote transportation solutions that are visionary, yet practical and sustainable.


  • Drive the Massachusetts’ Taxi Industry into the future
  • Protect and advocate for the Massachusetts’ taxi industry
  • Promote collaboration within the Massachusetts’ taxi industry
  • Create a better passenger experience
  • Help Greater Boston to meet carbon emission goals



Second Round Applications are NOW Open!

Wayfor has teamed up with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to pilot a grant program that incentivizes medallion owners and drivers to make the move to Electric Vehicles (EV’s).  We can assist you with the application process to receive a grant that will provide you with financial support to reduce the cost of purchasing an EV.

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We are a strong, unified voice for taxi owners and operators. We work to advance public policies that support a resilient and environmentally sustainable future for the local taxi industry.


We identify and promote the adoption of new technologies to improve passenger and driver experience, public safety and environmental sustainability.


We host educational events to dovetail with our programs to create a climate for success.  We also promote other educational initiatives to spotlight a range of topics that impact the for-hire transportation industry.


We invite experts in other sectors including automotive technology, urban planning, and climate change, to work with the taxi industry.  Collaboration amongst a diverse coalition allows us to seize opportunities and turn them into reality.

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